Outcome of April 7 stop work meeting - Bans on

  • Published April 7, 2022
  • Industries

Today at 7am, ADHSU members in NSW Ambulance held a successful stop work meeting to discuss proposed industrial action to support the broader HSU wide campaign to win an equitable pay rise of 5.5% for health workers in NSW. With inflation set to hit 4% and beyond this year, and petrol prices alone up 30% plus from the same time last year, this is hardly reaching for the stars.

At the stop work, NSW Ambulance members voted 100%* in favour of the linked action (please place on notice boards), which will throw a spanner in the works for NSW Health KPIs and management without seriously effecting patient outcomes. These bans will be an essential part of the unified fight to stop wages going backwards and convince the Perrottet government and his treasury that it can’t be one rule for “healthcare heroes” and another for the Treasury Secretary, who received a tidy $37,300 above the top band for agency heads.

ADHSU members will also see the rest of the HSU’s 25,000 strong membership mobilise in support of this pay rise, with action today only the start of winning it for all. While ambulance members will be playing a supporting role in this year’s fight for wages, the professional recognition campaign continues. Whether you attended the stop work meeting this morning or not, familiarise yourself with the bans and stay tuned for updates on the pay rise.

*one senior delegate accidently pushed the wrong button.