Outcome of IRC conciliation re bans

  • Published March 21, 2023
  • Industries

The Ministry surprise attacked ADHSU members by filing an after-hours application in the IRC to have the current ‘Availability Action’ and ‘Training Support Protest’ industrial action lifted.

The Ministry was only seeking ‘Recommendations’ at this stage. The matter was heard for a number of hours, and while the Commissioner had some sympathy for the benefits to the community for fewer ambulances being needlessly stuck in bed block, and the better training support provided with a 3-person crew – he did not like the way members are going about it, i.e. through bans.

On that basis the Commissioner recommended that the above bans/actions cease immediately and that members are informed of the recommendation by 1700 today.

ADHSU delegates convened a meeting this afternoon to consider the recommendation to lift the related industrial action. The delegates stated that the bans should NOT be lifted and that members should continue fighting the good fight.

There will be a report back in the IRC tomorrow morning at 0930.

Keep up the great fight – the media coverage is positive and huge. Best of all, it seems bed block was significantly better than it was yesterday, so if anything, our bans are working.