Paramedic professional pay campaign continues, despite pandemic

  • Published January 28, 2022
  • Industries

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We’ve reached the new year, but there’s not really that much new about it. COVID is rampant, workloads are off the charts, and response times are horrible.

There are many issues to deal with, from the ongoing fight for secure employment in Ambulance, to health and safety (not just from the virus, but from the acute dangers associated with extreme work intensity, day in day out). There’s also finishing the job of paramedic professionalisation: professional pay.

It’s true we got the government’s attention during our aggressive industrial action around pay in June; however, Delta and now Omicron has threatened to undo all the good work. And there’s no real end in sight.

We must get on with the campaign.

The campaign centres around convincing government and the community that NSW paramedics deserve professional pay. This survey is the first in a series of information gathering exercises that will help shape the basis of our claim.

If you work for NSW Ambulance, please fill out the survey. The information gathered will inform ADHSU’s position and ensure all members are considered.

Link to survey