Pathology workers action this Big Wednesday

Pathology statewide stop work meeting this Wednesday 31 May 1-2pm, register here

For 20 years, the Awards covering Pathology workers such as Technical Officers and Scientific Officers has been out of date.

This means Scientific qualified staff are working as Technical Officers or Assistants. Staff are being underpaid. In the current cost-of-living crisis, it’s even more urgent that we have new Awards for all workers in Pathology.

Everyone knows this. Even the Ministry is trying to negotiate a new Award. Yet the Government refuses to engage and remove the wages cap so the HSU and Ministry can genuinely update our Awards to enable better pay, career progression and support.

Just this week, we’ve heard the Government plan to offer 3.5% as a pay increase, with no news on whether new Awards can be made.

HSU members have had enough. Scientific Officers, Technical Officers, Technical Assistants, Collectors and Forensic Scientists have had enough.

On 31 May, pathology workers will join 25,000 other members in a Big Wednesday of action, demanding the Government come good on their promises and institute the following:

  • 6% Pay increase + 0.5% super.
  • 100% Salary Sacrifice.
  • Immediate Award reform.
  • Royal Commission into health funding.
  • Professional pay rates for paramedics.

Your HSU Scientific and Technical Committees have endorsed a statewide stop work meeting at 1-2pm Wednesday 31 May. The meeting will be held on zoom for members. Please register here.

Entitlement to take industrial action

It’s your right as an HSU member to participate in authorised industrial action, and it is illegal for any member to face victimisation for participating in trade union activities, including industrial action. Managers who target individual members may face Commission orders against them. If you have any concerns, please reach out for advice and support:

Phone: 1300 478 679
Email: [E-Mail not displayed]

Click this link for a flyer you can provide to your manager or colleague if they have any concerns about industrial action.

If the Ministry raises any concerns, they are entitled to take the HSU as an organisation to the Industrial Relations Commission to address those concerns. However, they cannot target individual workers participating in the action.

Remember, there is strength in numbers. While you may be one person in your profession, you are part of a collective of 25,000 individuals acting together to ensure we can continue serving our community effectively.

Non-members cannot take part in action and will be maintaining staffing levels.

Know someone who isn’t a member? It’s not too late to join to participate in this historic action. New members can join here: