Pay Fight Update

  • Published June 24, 2021
  • Industries

While government has moved to increase its offer from 1.5% to 2.5% (congratulations by the way) for next year’s award, there has been no movement on last year’s slap in the face .3%.

We want to be clear that the Government’s attempt to save face this year doesn’t mean that we have forgiven or forgotten the pay freeze.

In many ways, it’s last year’s zero per cent offer by government that is fuelling the anger across ADHSU membership (with yourselves as PTOs having led the way with a 24 hour strike, and the following actions by Ambulance members).

If government has enough money for $100 vouchers for Friday lunches in Sydney’s CBD, it has enough to stop the pay freeze.

The fight is far from over.

Also, to update members on proceedings regarding last year’s pay:

  1. Ex-green fleet PTOs are yet to receive their 0.3% because proceedings are still in the IRC due to dispute over how the $1000 for the Paramedic and Control Centre Officer Award will be paid. This was not our choice and, unfortunately, we cannot control either an employer or another union’s choice to reignite this dispute.
  2. Members will remember that there was also the issue of the $1000 discrepancy between PTOs on the Paramedic and Control Centre Award and those who have already been paid their 0.3% in the bundle of other Health awards. We are still waiting for a meeting with the Deputy Health Secretary to rectify this. We will update members accordingly as new information comes to hand.
  3. As a reminder, our pay claim is 4.7% (2.5 for this year and the remaining 2.2 from last), as well as 100% of salary packaging. This will, if fought for and won, result in a better net benefit for members than a measly $1000.

We will reconvene soon to discuss next steps of the campaign.