PETP Study Leave and PIT issues

  • Published January 30, 2024
  • Industries


In place of a significant pay increase at the end of last year, PETPs received increased study leave. This recognised the difficulties of full-time work and full-time study expected of PETPs.  

As of December 2023, PETPs are entitled to: 

  • 76 hours of study leave per year for purposes wholly related to the academic requirements of the PETP program.
  • PETP leave will be available for up to 3 years to a maximum accrual of 228 hours
  • Leave will be pro-rata for those studying part-time
  • This is primarily related to the preparation and undertaking of examinations, assessments, and residential programs 

Delegates have reported that this new award entitlement is being ripped from exhausted PETPs with the excuse of “short notice” and “operational demand”. The very purpose of this additional leave was to ensure that PETPs had easy access to this vital leave, and for it to be refused outright would mean PETPs would have received no real benefit from the 2023 Priority 1 campaign.  

Another ongoing struggle for this cohort is accessing the Paramedic Initiated Transfer (PIT) program. Although PETPs work the same hours, under very similar expectations to qualified paramedics, they are barred from the flexibility of the PIT process. These restrictions continue to disadvantage already-vulnerable PETPs. 

Delegates within the PETP cohort are strong and continue to advocate on these and other issues, and it is vital that this important cohort is not left behind. Have your say in this survey to share your experiences and ensure no one is unfairly denied access to commonsense entitlements.