Premier betrays health workers on scrapping the cap

  • Published June 5, 2023
  • Industries

Professional pay, salary packaging, a decent interim cost of living pay rise – all current ADHSU claims are contingent on the unfair wages cap being removed.

Scrapping the cap was front and centre throughout Mr Minn’s recent election campaign – he told ADHSU delegates he would do it, he told the union movement he’d do it, and he told the public he’d do it. During the campaign, Mr Minns was asked to clarify what he meant by ‘lifting the cap’ – he said he’d scrap the cap.

Not only is he offering a real wage cut of 4% (plus super) to hard-working health workers, according to the ALP’s pre-election Parliamentary Budget Office submission – made before the election – the ALP had no intention of removing the cap.

As you can see pictured below – the ALP is maintaining ‘the existing target of 3% and 2.5% in subsequent years’. Any more than 3% has to be offset by trade-offs in conditions.

If this isn’t a declaration of war, we don’t know what is. Tomorrow’s day of action is locked in – including the ‘getting off on time’ action (no forced overtime outside of shift times – unless it’s a 1A or 1B in the first hour – and on call is excluded). The full list of tomorrow’s actions can be found here. Don’t forget to keep wearing your yellow shields. Campaign t-shirts are on the way.

This fight is only beginning – action will keep escalating until we win.