Private Pathology members: Your Union is here for you

The HSU is aware of the current situation in private pathology worksites, with massive lines and delays in COVID testing. We have concerns about what this means for you as a frontline worker.

Clearly, the advent of the Omicron variant and people making plans for holidays or family gatherings has contributed to the current strong demand for COVID testing. But that doesn’t override your own rights.

Your safety is our number one priority. If you haven’t had proper access to PPE, if you haven’t received your breaks at work, if you have experienced aggression from a member of the public, or if you have any other safety concerns, please reach out. You can contact the HSU on 1300 478 679 or email [E-Mail not displayed].

If you don’t get through straight away, please make sure to leave a message with your contact details and the HSU will be in touch.

The HSU will continue to uphold your rights and safety. Please encourage anyone else with concerns at your workplace to join now at for access to support and advice.