Professional pay campaign update

  • Published July 28, 2022
  • Industries

Last week, representatives from HSU met with key stakeholders within NSW Health, the Ministry, the Australian College of Paramedicine and NSW Ambulance. This inaugural meeting was the first of the Priority  1 Campaign.

The Workforce Forum is considering rapidly moving forward on expanding the capacity, skills and role of NSW Paramedics. This movement represents the biggest change in Paramedicine in New South Wales history and will form the cornerstone for ongoing professional recognition. With this, ADHSU Paramedics can expect their role to be expanded, to be able to use the skills and knowledge that they have gained through their experience, education and training and to operate with greater flexibility and autonomy. 

ADHSU Paramedics are a highly skilled workforce. This forum aims to find new ways to use these skills. ADHSU Paramedics are mobile, capable professionals who operate 24/7. If granted an enhanced clinical capacity with the right tools, we can change the way that healthcare is delivered in the community. Achieving this will benefit all residents of NSW by enhancing access to world class healthcare, regardless of postcode.

Community Paramedics

The first focus of the forum is developing what are currently termed "Community Paramedics". This new role provides an opportunity to bring more to communities across the state. If you have the ideas for what you believe the Community Paramedic should be able to do, please forward them to the campaign team - [E-Mail not displayed].