PTS Management Restructure: Will you take action?


Despite a questionable consultation process and calls from members for genuine engagement on the viability of the proposed structure, HealthShare have decided to try and push through the implementation of changes to the PTS management structure. 

HSU members have raised serious concerns about the proposed restructure, including safety issues. These concerns have not been adequately addressed by HealthShare in line with consultation requirements under the NSW Health policy, Award, or the WHS Act.

This blatant disregard for members’ concerns calls for action.

HSU delegates have proposed a 4-hour stop work meeting for affected members to take place in the coming days. This will take place on Zoom.

If you’re affected by this management restructure, show your intention to attend the stop work meeting here.

Keep an eye out for communications regarding the date and time of the stop work meeting. A text will be sent out with the stop work zoom link shortly.