PTS Roster Negotiations - The story so far...

HSU members working in Patient Transport have always been strong; members have fought and won many battles in the past. The current battle is roster reform. HSU members know that the best roster is simple, fair, and easy to understand, but so far negotiations with HealthShare have been difficult, and their proposed rosters have not acknowledged the concerns of either union.

Here is a rough timeline of the process so far:

  • JUNE 2022 HealthShare announces intentions to reform patient transport rosters.
  • JULY 2022 HSU members vote in favour of 9 principles of a good roster.
  • AUGUST 2022 First Union Specific Consultative Committee (USCC) meeting held. There are over 20 people in this meeting. HealthShare broadly agree with HSU Roster Principles.
  • SEPTEMBER 2022 A steering committee with a maximum of three representatives from each group (HSU, NSWNMA and Management) is agreed upon, to streamline negotiations. Metro first, with regional subcommittee to follow.
  • SEPTEMBER – NOVEMBER 2022 A more specific roster survey is rolled out in person and via email. Ultimately 46% of HSU members respond.
  • SEPTEMBER 2022 At the first committee meeting, HealthShare proposes a 102-week long roster and rejects early proposals from delegates.
  • DEC 2022 Members start to report to delegates that the question in the roster survey confused them regarding “Combo of 8 & 10-hour.” The survey results are no longer useful as this confusion was widespread.
  • JANUARY 2023 Several more meetings have been held, since then but each one has resulted in an impasse. Additional management has also been attending subcommittee meetings.
  • FEBRUARY 2023 Delegates meet to formulate a FAQ sheet to summarise common questions from members.

Delegates have been working hard this whole process, knowing that when roster reform negotiations started there would always be members who would be happy to change and others who would not. To improve communications, it’s essential all members read the FAQ sheet, and discuss concerns with delegates. A new survey for members to vote on key questions left unresolved will be released in the next week.