PTS Stop Work Tomorrow

  • Published May 29, 2023
  • Industries

HSU members are at war. It’s hardly an exaggeration. Every day feels like a fight; members are fighting to put food on the table, fighting to keep a rostered work/life balance and fighting the new premier to keep the promises he made before the election. With their colleagues across the public sector, ADHSU members cannot accept the timid 4% (including super) pay offer floated by the Minns’ government, and members across public health have had enough. This has led to the announcement of Big Wednesday day of coordinated action on the 31st of May. Click here to view Gerard Hayes’ correspondence to members.

While the premier may cry to the press that union members have not given him enough time, scrapping the wages is just a signature away. If this premier wants the trust of ADHSU members he must demonstrate that he cares, even a little bit, about them.  

To help remind the premier who kept this state running throughout the pandemic, and who will continue to through the new waves of Covid, HSU members working in PTS will have a stop work meeting tomorrow on zoom at 1400, to endorse further action ahead of Big Wednesday. Link will be sent via text immediately before.