R3 bans on tomorrow (Thursday 14 April) as Control Centre members join the fight

  • Published April 13, 2022
  • Industries

Those members who attended last week’s stop work meeting will know that ADHSU Control Centre members were very keen to participate in industrial action in support of a 5% pay rise this year.

Control delegates got together and crafted a number of bans that will contribute their strength to the ongoing fight. They have a number of more aggressive bans that they will implement if escalation is required.

The bans commence for all ADHSU control centre officers (including supervisors) from first day shift tomorrow 14 April.

Control centre bans:

  1. NO use of short cuts entered into jobs for crews participating in Industrial Action. No marking of crews IN/OUT in CAD as the Quick Note field is used by dispatchers for other purposes
  2. NO Inform CAD training unless there is a full complement of relief staff to facilitate removal from core duties.
  3. (For SYCC) NO progression of changes to dispatch models or discussion of workplace changes RE: Homebush until parking for staff at State Operations Centre, Homebush is addressed.
  4. NO reporting of response delays in Sharepoint unless there is a known adverse outcome. Given almost every job is a response delay with the resourcing we are provided.
  5. Ban on use of CADLink Update RE: Hospital delays. No management of hospital delay issues. Refer to PSDU.

On road bans:

  1. R3 and below bans (not including R4s or sporting events) 

As voted on during last Thursday’s stop work, R3s and below are banned (excluding R4s and sporting events) for 24 hours each Thursday from first day shift. 

Please use this script if given a banned job:

‘Thanks Control, as an ADHSU member currently participating in industrial action, I will respectfully refuse to respond to this R3 [substitute the correct code if it’s below an R3]’

Link to current bans (including control centre bans).