Ramsay attacks your conditions - fight to protect your entitlements!

IMPORTANT MEMBERS MEETING! Monday 24 July @ 6:30pm - https://hsu-asn-au.zoom.us/j/84131464037

It’s just not good enough. Ramsay has proposed a wage offer which will result in employees going backwards in these tough economic times. But Ramsay is also attempting to strip Union-won conditions from the existing Enterprise Agreement.

Just some of the conditions under threat include:

  1. Union delegate and representative rights – Ramsay wants them removed altogether
  2. Oversimplification of maternal and parental leave rights
  3. Changes to flexibility arrangements – making it easier for Ramsay to terminate a flexible agreement
  4. Changes to the ordinary hours to now include Saturday and Sunday, which could negatively impact rostering arrangements
  5. Changes to when consultation will occur, reducing your rights to be consulted on issues relevant to you in your workplace
  6. Rostering you to work Public Holidays unless Ramsay agree you have a reasonable excuse not to work

Ramsay hasn’t highlighted all the proposed changes or discussed them with your bargaining committee. Instead, it has been left to union members to trawl through and identify each of these problems.

Our next bargaining meeting is Friday 21 July at St George Private Hospital. Your bargaining committee will be pushing back on these proposed reductions to your entitlements. Then we need to hear from you at our next members’ meeting, details below:

Date: Monday 24 July
Time: 6.30pm
Zoom link: https://hsu-asn-au.zoom.us/j/84131464037

Ramsay’s proposals would cut down hard-fought protections. We must unite to protect our working conditions, as well as push for a fairer pay increase.

This means everyone must be part of the campaign. Encourage all your colleagues to join the Union, come to members’ meetings and have these conversations in your workplace. Stop any attempts by Ramsay to reduce your rights and protections!

New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.