Ramsay EBA: Members Zoom Meeting

HSU organisers have been visiting worksites, talking to members about how you can become involved in the upcoming negotiations for your next Enterprise Agreement. Your current agreement is due to expire on 1 December, so it’s important we all get active to get the best possible outcome!

Next Steps 

Join the discussion on Monday 21 November at 6pm to discuss:

  • Report on survey results to date
  • The bargaining process and how you can be a part of it
  • Any questions or feedback you have

Ramsay Members Zoom Meeting

Date: Monday 21 November 2022
Time: 6pm
Register here

Member survey

Haven’t filled out the survey yet? Please take a few minutes to tell us what your priorities are here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/hsu_ramsay_eba

Members are also encouraged to print this flyer and distribute it to your workmates.

Questions? Comments? Want to speak to an HSU Organiser? Please email [E-Mail not displayed] with subject line Ramsay EBA.