Red/Green Bans Recommendation from Delegates

HSU members in Patient Transport have stood firm on Red/Green bans as a very effective layer of protection for vulnerable patients from the peak of the COVID outbreak until now. The chief concern of members were the immunocompromised and vulnerable aged care residents, who make up the bulk of PTO work. A clear and simple demand was put to HealthShare management who were quick to insist that PTS should return to “business as usual” even as COVID continued to be a major concern: seek the permission of the Aged Care Minister.

While HealthShare continued along the war path, trying multiple times to “reverse” the ban (as if the power to do so sat with management and not union members) and failing to convince the IRC to give orders against it, they did not seek this sign off from the Minister. Well, that sign off has now been provided to the HSU office. Members can read it here.

With this crucial document as reassurance for members, and with continuing safety practices in place, HSU PTO delegates are making a strong recommendation that members lift this ban. While members in PTS have many other issues to address, they can be assured that on this matter, they will be backed on a decision to lift this ban by their colleagues in the Aged Care community.

Please vote on this decision here: