Reminder: Have your say on the Calvary Bruce Enterprise Agreement

Your Enterprise Agreement (or EBA) is the document that covers your pay, working conditions and allowances at Calvary Bruce. Your current Agreement is due to expire on 30 June 2021. Your HSU representatives will soon start bargaining in earnest and are committed to winning the best possible deal for HSU members at Calvary Bruce.

In order to make sure we prioritise the issues that are most important to you, HSU members are reminded to complete the EBA survey at the following link:

Once HSU members have had their say, your bargaining representatives will collate the responses and put together a Log of Claims to present to management.

Make sure your workmates get a say too – if you know someone who isn’t yet an HSU member, encourage them to join today at and complete the survey at the link above. Strength in numbers gives us more bargaining power.