RNSH Social Work Weekend Trial

The HSU has called for consultation with Social Work management and Human Resources representatives about the outcome of the trial of weekend onsite Social Work services. Your views and feedback on this initiative are invited, including service demand responsiveness and its impact on your weekday workload, efficiencies, effects on current resource allocation and pre-existing weekend Social Work services.

Additionally, the Union reminds members that there are Award conditions related to after hours on call and call outs. Please see Clauses 8B and 8C of the Public Hospitals (Professional and Associated Staff) Conditions of Employment (State) Award.

It may be the case that you are eligible for the payment of penalty rates if you have not been provided with the prescribed break before a return to duty after a call-out. If you have been recalled to duty, you are entitled to a consecutive 8-hour break from the end of your call-out duties. If a consecutive 8-hour break is not provided, you are entitled to double time for the period worked without the 8-hour break.

Please provided your feedback to Industrial Organiser, Denise O’Shaughnessy via email [E-Mail not displayed] by Monday 14th June 2021.