Rosters and pay - time for talk is over


HealthShare PTOs know very well that the cost of living is rising rapidly – with no end to increasing price rises in sight.

Like the rest of the Health Workforce, PTOs bore the brunt of a not yet finished pandemic – yet had their wages frozen in 2020.

HSU health workers are due their next pay rise as early as this July. However, the new Government, who ran hard on a promise to lift the wages cap and return 100% salary packaging to HSU-covered health workers, has done nothing at all to remove the cap or return members’ tax benefits.


HealthShare has embarked on a massive round of roster ‘reform’ to suit their business needs – with little regard for real concerns that HSU PTOs have for maintaining current earnings/work-life balance, and a fairer workplace. HealthShare’s external roster consultants aren’t getting paid to care about the workforce’s needs and have produced a number of roster formats that have little regard for PTO wellbeing. 

Despite HSU delegates’ strong objections, management are currently going around hubs with a roster ‘roadshow’, trying to sell these substandard roster formats. We have heard reports that HealthShare management are outright lying to staff and saying these rosters have been approved by HSU members – they have not.

Both issues - getting rid of the wages cap so health workers like PTOs can receive an immediate cost of living bump, and coming back to the rosters negotiating table, are urgent issues that need to be addressed.

All HSU HealthShare PTOs are called to a full stop work zoom at 0900 Friday 28 April. No HSU PTO is to accept a patient during the stop work. If a crew already has a patient, only attend after offload.

A link to the stop work zoom will arrive via text shortly.