RPA: Vote for your bargaining representatives!

Nine union members from RPA have nominated to be on the Award Reform State Bargaining Committee. RPA is entitled to five representatives, so you are invited to vote for who you would like as your bargaining representatives. Here are your candidates:

  • Robert Aney is a Health Education Officer and is a member of HSU Union Council. Robert wants one set of rules for everyone. Roberts want an end to some people doing the same job but under different conditions.
  • Rosemary Carney is an HSM 3. Rosemary would like to see a proper process for fair salary progression for HSMs.
  • Debra Fitzgerald is a Hospital Assistant/Ward Assistant. Debra would like to see improvements across all Award conditions.
  • Trish Hann is a Radiographer. Trish wants to see modern, fair awards that account for the challenging and dynamic environments that HSU members work in. Trish wants a commitment to ongoing improvements to working conditions and a genuine desire to retain and attract staff by making NSW Health a world class employer that we can all be proud of.
  • Sunita Lal is a Hospital Scientist. Sunita would like the classifications of scientist, technical officers, and technical assistants to reflect the actual work undertaken. Sunita believes that classifications need to be based on work undertaken and qualifications. Any discretion in Awards should be clearly worded.
  • Hugh Salisbury is a Hospital Scientist. Hugh would like to see improved pay rates, flexible work arrangements, no ceiling for grade/scale, and better conditions including leave, WHS, and staffing.
  • Nickolas Skordas is an Administration Officer. Nickolas wants Award description to reflect the current workload responsibilities of Administration Staff. Nickolas wants 100% salary packaging take home for workers and an increase in hourly rates.
  • Lisa Stewart is a Chief Cardiologist Technologist. Lisa is passionate about addressing chronic staff shortages stemming from difficulties retaining personnel. This involves implementing enhancements to the award to tackle the issue of losing staff to better-paid positions in private practice.
  • Abdullah Zafar is a Pharmacist. Abdullah is keen support improvements to all the 36 Awards across NSW Health.

Please submit your vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6WHDCSW. Voting will close at 5pm on Thursday 21 December.

Bargaining representatives will:

  • Attend state-wide committee meetings to discuss the negotiations and state-wide campaign strategy.
  • Report back to HSU members at their worksite on how negotiations are going.
  • Be able to nominate as one of the 15 members of the state-wide bargaining committee who will form the negotiation team.