Security members won't take it any longer

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Last night over 100 security officers and HASAs came together to discuss the crisis in hospital security. Security officers and HASAs across NSW are facing increasing violence and stress – every day they are being injured, threatened and harassed. This must stop.  

But the Ministry of Health and the Government are refusing to act. A review into security in hospitals – the Anderson Report – found that security officers need better equipment, training, and staffing in order to keep hospitals safe.  

This report was published two years ago. The Ministry and Government has done nothing.  

Union members have had enough. It’s time to for action. Members are now coming together to campaign for the rights to detain, restrain and search. At last night’s meeting two resolutions were proposed as the first steps in this campaign:  

  1. No member will undertake and perform a Citizen’s Arrest to patients, staff or visitors in a NSW Health facility
  2. Should a violent incident occur, NSW police will be called to deal with the incident. 

If you want change at work then click here to vote yes and take action.

What’s next?  

Members will come back together in two weeks’ time to plan for action. Register here for the meeting on 28 February @ 6pm.