Should you be reclassified? Win for MRS members - you might be eligible!

On 22 November, HSU MRS members held a mass meeting to celebrate and endorse the new Determination for professions under the MRS Award, which means graduates entering the workforce with full registration will be correctly classified at Level 2, Year 1.

This is a major win – long overdue but hard fought for and achieved through collective action of members. When we advocate together, we win!

Now, we need to collectively ensure these changes are implemented. For the last week, HSU organisers have been collecting details of members who may have a claim to be reclassified.

These are the criteria for a union member to be reclassified:

  • They are employed under the MRS Award; and
  • They are currently classified at any level between Level 1, Year 1 and Level 2, Year 4; and
  • They hold a relevant qualification for the profession and had full registration upon commencing employment with NSW Health; and
  • On commencement of employment with NSW Health they:
    • Were employed at level 1, Year 1; or
    • Were employed at a level 2 rate calculated by counting their first year of service following graduation as equivalent to Level 1, Year 1. 

If you think you may be eligible, please email [E-Mail not displayed] with the following information:

  • Profession
  • Worksite
  • Date of you started working with NSW Health
  • Commencing pay level
  • Current pay level
  • Date of registration with AHPRA
  • Whether you worked in private employment prior to commencing with NSW Health.

Eligible but not a member? Only HSU members will receive assistance with potential misclassifications! Join at or call 1300 478 679.