SNP bargaining a bit of a fizzer

Your HSU Bargaining Team were looking forward to kicking off the bargaining process after last meeting's technical problems. Unfortunately, this meeting was spent on administration – ground rules and training on the Fair Work Act.

At this rate bargaining could drag on till next Christmas!

Your HSU Bargaining Team made it clear we want meetings and agendas locked in for the next two months. SNP workers deserve a pay rise and improved conditions, and we won’t stand for drip feed bargaining tactics.

SNP management is pushing for all bargaining representatives to present one combined Log of Claims – effectively training to make workers negotiate with each other before negotiating with SNP. Every group of SNP workers represented at bargaining has the right to have their claims heard. Your HSU Bargaining Team will resist any attempt by SNP to ignore the changes you want to see in your wages and conditions.

The next meeting is set for Thursday 9 December. If you would like to join our Bargaining Team, we still have two more places for passionate debaters. Please contact Bec Luxton on 0428 586 335 or [E-Mail not displayed] if you are interested. And don't forget our Monday Night Zooms – these are a great opportunity to get involved in making long overdue changes at your workplace!

If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member, let them know what is (or isn’t) happening in bargaining. It’s important to let SNP know that the majority of their employees want change – the stronger we are in numbers, the louder that message is.

If your co-workers want to stand up for change, they can join at or by calling 1300 478 679.