SNP workers resolve to fight

Last night Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology workers met to discuss where bargaining is at – and the likelihood that SNP would put a substandard agreement out to vote very soon.

To date SNP bargaining has failed to address among other things:

  • A decent wage increase that compensates for cost of living increasing past and present
  • Cashing out of sick leave and compensation
  • Ordinary hours of work and rosters
  • Flexible part timers
  • Disputes and workers’ rights

The new CWA is an opportunity to make positive changes to your working conditions – not entrench the bad practices of the past. At last night’s meeting a resolution was passed: 

“This meeting of SNP workers resolves to reject any offer that fails to deliver a 10% wage increase and better conditions for workers. Further this meeting resolves to organise to win the best deal possible – even if that means taking industrial action.”

If the new CWA fails to address these core issues, the Health Services Union cannot and will not support it and will be recommended SNP workers vote NO.

There is still hope that SNP will “read the room” and improve their offer. But if they don’t – HSU members will be ready.

If you want to get involved and help spread the word across SNP, firstly share this newsletter with someone who isn’t yet an HSU member. New members can join at

You can also contact your local HSU delegates:

  • Katrina Slack, Mermaid Waters Collection Clinic Gold Coast: 0402 777 774
  • Sue Ahern, John Flynn Medical Centre Gold Coast: 0412 859 004
  • Carissa Thompson, Brisbane: 0466 855 586

Or your HSU Organiser Angela Brown on 0428 586 335 or [E-Mail not displayed].