Southern IML doesn't want to bargain

Southern IML has responded to the HSU’s request to bargain, with the CEO writing to the HSU to say: “we do not agree there is a need to bargain for an enterprise agreement”.

Southern IML might be content paying staff the minimum legal wage, but the HSU thinks you are worth more. If Southern won’t agree to bargain, we are going to need to fight for a better deal.

If a majority of workers want to bargain, we can force them to the table. Sign the Majority Support Determination Petition here.

What is a Majority Support Determination or MSD?

A Majority Support Determination is a legally binding order from the Fair Work Commission requiring an employer to bargain for an Enterprise Agreement. If a majority of workers that are proposed to be covered by an agreement support bargaining, the HSU can apply for an MSD.

Add your name to the Majority Support Determination Petition.