Southern IML: Feedback on your rosters

Today Southern IML has provided the HSU with a forward copy of your roster for the period starting on the 29th of March. As such, the HSU will not be taking any further enforcement action today in regard to this matter. Your HSU Organiser is now seeking feedback from staff on the roster and how it is implemented with the intent of providing this feedback to management at the end of the roster period. This feedback will also help inform any future enforcement action the HSU may need to take.

It is important that your Organiser knows about any issues arising from the roster and its implementation so that they can be resolved with management. Please send any and all feedback or concerns regarding the roster for period 29 March - 9 April in an email to [E-Mail not displayed] by COB 9th of April.

If you are a casual employee, it is unlikely that you will see your name on the roster. The HSU will continue to work with management to try and improve rostering practices so that casuals can be given notice of foreseeable shifts. Of course, the company can (as they should) continue to offer shifts to casuals with short notice in the event of unexpected staff absences.