Southern IML Industrial Issues Update

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. HSU members have been advocating a safer Southern IML and for several industrial issues to be addressed in relation to your safety at work. This week HSU representatives met with your employer and discussed concerns at length – giving Southern IML a deadline until 3pm today, Friday 7 July to provide response to members’ concerns.

Below is a list of the industrial matters that Southern IML have yet to address:

  1. Staff safety and security at standalone collection centres.
  2. Staff duress alarms and emergency response.
  3. Working in isolation processes and policy documentation.
  4. Cleaning of collection centres.

a.    Southern IML have agreed, should members not be able to facilitate the cleaning of the collection centres, staff are to contact the area co-ordinator to arrange for a cleaning crew to attend. Southern IML state that this will not be refused.


The HSU has requested that Southern IML provide the following for the period of the past 12 months to 6 July 2023:

  1. Documentary evidence of consultation with workers, with respect to WHS Act Sections 47,48,49, regarding the current matters listed above.
  2. Written communication or documents to workers, providing consultation regarding the safety and security of staff at collection centres.
  3. Southern IMLs written agreement with shopfronts that are alongside Southern IML collection centres to provide security response.
  4. Southern IML’s policies and procedures in relation to safety and security.
  5. Copies of audits undertaken by Southern IML in relation to security.
  6. Copies of internal MEMOs to staff communicating changes within the organisation as per above.
  7. Content of training material and when training was provided to workers on security, safety, and cleaning standards.
  8. Staff register, outlining who has and has not completed training in relation to Security.
  9. Documented evidence as to worker consultation regarding the notification of hazards listed above.

The HSU will be holding a member meeting on Wednesday 12 July @ 6:30pm to go over your concerns and discuss next steps.

Members can register in advance to attend the meeting via the following link.

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