Southern IML Update

Rosters at IML Need to Be Done Properly

Today, your HSU organiser wrote to management, asking them to revisit the way in which they provide rosters in advance. The current system, implemented since arbitration by the Fair Work Commission, is failing members. Rosters need to be provided in advance, be secure, and be an accurate reflection of the workforce.

It would appear that rosters are not currently being updated to reflect leave and other absences, meaning that the practice of texting casuals the night before has resumed. This can’t go on.

The HSU has requested that management advise how they intend to return to proper rostering practices. Unless they take action, the Union may be forced to lodge another dispute in the Fair Work Commission.

Underpayment of Part Time Staff

Members have advised that Southern IML are yet to issue any formal communication to staff regarding the underpayment issue. The HSU has requested that management begin by acknowledging that a mistake has been made and notify affected staff in writing how they intend to fix the problem.

The HSU has requested this formal notification be provided to affected staff prior to close of business Thursday 11 March to avoid this matter being escalated to the Fair Work Commission.

HSR Elections

On Tuesday, Southern IML acknowledged the need to negotiate work groups and showed willingness to participate constructively. However, management are yet to take any meaningful steps towards achieving this objective. Southern IML need to notify all workers of their intent to negotiate work groups ASAP and then immediately engage in constructive negotiations with the union.