Speech Pathology Statewide Zoom Meeting Tuesday 21 March

HSU members have been working hard over the last 6 months to review key Award issues that Speech Pathologists need reformed. The HSU Speech Pathologists Industrial Advisory Committee is made up of rank and file members who have been powering this work.

We all know the Award is out of date. However, the work to change an Award and improve working conditions and professional outcomes is a challenge. Thankfully, the Committee’s work has placed the HSU in a position to genuinely understand the scope and complexity of current issues we face.

The Committee has been diligently researching, discussing, and preparing the complete list of Award reform issues which will form the platform for the HSU’s efforts to update the Allied Health Awards.

It’s important that this hard work is transparent, so you are invited to a state-wide union meeting for all Speech Pathology HSU members. The meeting will provide an update and seek the wider memberships endorsement of the Committees’ work.

The meeting will be held online via zoom on Tuesday March 21 2023 at 1PM and go for one hour. If you wish to attend, please register at this link.

Do you know someone who isn’t an HSU member? Encourage them to join our Union today and have a say at work. We are always stronger when we stand together.

New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.