Sporting Bans to start this Saturday 29 July

  • Published July 24, 2023
  • Industries

Three weeks ago, ADHSU delegates gave notice that bans on covering all sporting events start July 29.


The bans commence first day shift Saturday 29 July:

  • No ADHSU paramedic will cover sporting events unless it’s their core job to do so. This means not working at events on overtime or as a duty crew.
  • Paramedics will respond to emergency calls to all sporting events (Business As Usual).


The sporting bans will be lifted when the NSW government instructs Ministry officials to commence professional recognition discussions around parity with other NSW Health Professionals – this is not the same as agreeing to professional pay – it’s merely discussing the concept in good faith.


The MoH always want to shoehorn paramedics back into the box and compare NSW paramedics to other states – while achieving parity with other states would lead to a pay increase, it’s not what our professional recognition campaign is seeking.


The campaign’s objective is to ensure that paramedicine is recognised as a professional entity the same as other health professionals, particularly those already working in the NSW Health System. In doing so it truly recognises the significant changes in paramedic practice and health outcomes that a modern paramedic workforce delivers.  


Priority 1 activists think the current NSW Health Professional grade 3 (HP3) has similar competencies/accountabilities/responsibilities as a current P1. 

HP3s are required to clinically support and supervise grads – as are P1s.  

HP3s are required to operate autonomously with minimum direct clinical supervision – as are P1s 

HP3s maintain ‘a high level of broad generalist knowledge within their discipline’ – as do P1s.