St John of God must start bargaining with the HSU in good faith

Last year, HSU members granted St John of God a 12-month extension to their enterprise agreement in good faith to assist the company to deal with the effects of COVID-19.

With only a little over three months left until this extension expires, the company is still yet to initiate bargaining with the HSU.

The HSU has today written to SJOG senior management to requesting they initiate bargaining with the HSU as a matter of urgency. SJOG is required by the agreement to initiate bargaining six months before expiration. It is disappointing that this principle has not been applied to the extension granted to SJOG by the HSU and its members.

The HSU will be doing all within its power to negotiate a fair agreement that rewards staff for their hard work over the pandemic before the current arrangement expires on the 30th of June. Members should not be left in limbo waiting for a pay rise after already granting the company an extension they were not required to grant.

Your HSU organiser will be distributing a survey to members soon to develop a Log of Claims so that the HSU is ready for bargaining. Please do not hesitate to contact your organiser with any questions or if you want to get involved in the bargaining process. He can be contacted on 0409 393 295 or at [E-Mail not displayed].

As with any bargaining process, a strong membership gives us stronger leverage. New members should join at or call 1300 478 679.