St John of God offers pay deal in lieu of bargaining

Last year, HSU members at St John of God agreed to delay bargaining by one year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The intention was to bargain for a new agreement this year. The agreed extension has expired as of the 30th of June.

Management is now proposing that bargaining be delayed by another year in exchange for a pay deal today. The details of management’s offer are below:

“In lieu of negotiating replacement Enterprise Agreements, we are proposing to provide Caregivers with a total increase of 0.8% this financial year, which is made of up 0.3% to salaries and 0.5% to superannuation.”

It is important to note that management's pay offer is inclusive of the 0.5% increase in the super guarantee that has been mandated by the federal government for all workers in Australia.

Regardless of the outcome of negotiations, SJOG must increase your super contributions by 0.5%. In effect, the pay rise on offer is 0.3%. Management has indicated that, if endorsed by workers, this pay rise would be paid immediately and backdated to July 1st.

Management has made it clear to the HSU that their preference is not to bargain at this time. Now we need to hear from you.

VOTE HERE to support or reject management’s proposal. Voting will close on the 23rd of July 2021.