St Vincent's Medical Imaging Enterprise Agreement

The HSU has resolved to establish an Enterprise Agreement for members working at St Vincent's Medical Imaging. This Agreement will replace the Health Professionals and Support Services Award and covers the terms and conditions of your employment for 3-4 years.

An Enterprise Agreement is a legally enforceable document negotiated between you (workers and your union) and your employer. An Enterprise Agreement stipulates everything from pay rates and redundancy provisions, to consultation procedures and dispute resolution. This is an opportunity for employees to advocate for better conditions than the minimum provided for in the Award.

The HSU is now surveying members to propose specific things you would like to see in your contract. Once the survey is completed the HSU will produce a Log of Claims (LOC) which will be voted on. All members will then advocate for these claims through their Union Representatives. The survey can be completed here.

If you know a colleague who would be interested in taking this survey, please pass the link on to them and encourage them to join their union. They can join by phoning 1300 478 679 or join at this link.

If you have any questions please contact your local workplace delegate or contact your organiser, Robert Brady on 0448 211 231 or email him at [E-Mail not displayed].