St Vincent's Private & Mater Hospitals Leave Loading Update

Following HSU Newsletter 601 sent on Wednesday this week, the HSU has received correspondence from St Vincent’s Private Hospital management about the underpayment of wages. You can view the correspondence at this link.

It has now been identified that a total of 793 Support Services staff did not receive the correct rate of leave loading, with only 11.5% being paid rather than 17.5%.

This is a major victory for HSU members at both St Vincent’s Private and Mater Hospitals. Members will now receive thousands of dollars in back pay. Not only this, but St Vincent’s have also agreed to pay 4.1% interest on relevant back payments in good faith – another win negotiated by your HSU Delegates.

Your Union will be holding a series of zoom meetings to discuss this matter with members on Wednesday 21 July. A link to the meeting will be distributed to members. A meeting is also scheduled with St Vincent’s management to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to.

Congratulations to those members who have taken a stand to ensure your entitlements are maintained.

If you have any further questions, please email [E-Mail not displayed] or talk your HSU representatives in the zoom meeting.

This is a fantastic result and shows what can be achieved when HSU members stand together. If you have colleagues that are still sitting on the fence, show them this email and tell them being a union member is always worth it. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.