St Vincent's Private Hospital: Nauseous Linen Update

The HSU has written to St. Vincent’s management again and affirmed our position that the nauseous linen is payable for every hour worked, and not just those hours worked where nauseous linen is handled.

In December 2020, the HSU was advised that the nauseous linen allowance was to be paid for each hour worked, but that if backpay was pursued the allowance would cease to be paid this way. We were informed that the payment of the allowance would revert to the way in which it was previously paid – namely, for each hour that nauseous linen is handled. The HSU contested this interpretation of your Agreement at the time and continues to do so.

Today, the HSU advised that we would consider all legal options available to us in relation to this dispute. We believe that backpay is owed to those members, primarily wardspersons, who handle nauseous linen but have not been paid in accordance with our interpretation of the Agreement for the past 6 years. It is likely that the HSU will pursue an underpayment claim should St. Vincent’s not agree to backpay members their due entitlements under the Agreement.

If you have been affected by this non-payment of the allowance, or if you have any questions regarding the above, please contact HSU Team 10 at [E-Mail not displayed].

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