St Vincent’s Private Hospitals: News from the bargaining table!

This week, HSU bargaining committee members met with St Vincent’s representatives to continue negotiations. St Vincent’s wages offer remains at:

  • 2.25% from January 2022 (already administered). 
  • 3.25% from January 2023 (formerly 3.0%). 
  • 3.25% from January 2024 (formerly no offer). 

However, at this meeting, HSU members emphasised that the wages increase has to be significantly higher than 3.25%. We highlighted the costs of living pressures, issues with staff attraction and retention, and differences in pay compared to other employee groups. We let St Vincent’s know that hundreds of employees signed our brief petition for a fairer wage increase.

Because of these membership-driven talking points and our successful petition, St Vincent’s indicated they will come back to the table with an improved offer on 12 April!

In the meantime, please reach out to your workplace delegates (or contact HSU staff) in order to get more involved. If St Vincent’s next offer is disappointing, we will all need to ramp up Union activity and demand more.

The only way for us to win more at the table is to continue being active in our workplaces. Have conversations with your colleagues about the Union and tell them they need to join today at or call 1300 HSU NSW.