St Vincent’s Private Hospitals – What do you think of St Vincent’s final offer?

Yesterday we received St Vincent’s “best and final” wages offer:

  •  3.75% from January 2023 (to be back paid upon agreement).
  • 3.25% from January 2024.
  • 3.25% from January 2025.

This improved offer is the result of increased union activity in your workplaces, such as our petition for a fairer wage increase. By showing that members stand united we are starting to be heard by St Vincent’s management.

What’s next? Your bargaining committee – comprised of union members– wants to hear from you about whether we’re ready to accept St Vincent’s offer. Accepting the offer means money in pockets sooner. However, rejecting the offer means we need to be ready to take action and every union member needs to ask all their colleagues to join.

To have your say, fill out our 2-minute survey now:

A strong union membership and union activity means more bargaining power. Ask your colleagues to join now: or 1300 HSU NSW.