Still nothing: Government turns its back on health workers

Yesterday afternoon, I met with NSW Government representatives. And once again, they have failed to provide a real commitment.

This is a slap in the face to hardworking health workers.

This Government has failed to fulfill their promises to health workers, leaving us grappling with the unfair wages cap, outdated Awards, and 50% of salary packaging tax savings still being taken.

HSU members have fought hard to drag this Government to the bargaining table. Now they need to be reminded of how serious we are.

Members’ actions have been enormously effective. We have shown how important a fair wage increase is as we face a steeply rising cost of living. Every action members have taken makes it harder for the Premier to ignore our campaign.

We remain absolutely committed to keeping the Government accountable for its promises – now we need to determine exactly how to proceed.

HSU Conference will begin this Sunday. I strongly encourage you to speak to your local conference delegate and share your views about the Government’s refusal to support health workers.

Please view my message to members here for further information.