Stop Work zoom meeting 0700 – 0800 5 May (R3 bans temporarily lifted)

  • Published May 3, 2022

To avoid a pay cut this year, remembering that any pay rise below 5.1% is a pay cut, ADHSU members in NSW Ambulance have placed nuisance bans on in solidarity with all workers affected by the draconian 2.5% cap on wage increases. After the past two years and with inflation at the current rate, wages of NSW’s public sector workers cannot go backwards.

The bans have successfully hampered NSW Ambulance from tracking KPIs and collecting debtor details. Well done to all members for keeping the pressure on the Premier and the NSW Treasury.

These bans have now been in place for a month and feedback is essential to ensure that they continue to remain effective. To make their voice heard and vote on any potential changes the current bans all members must attend a stop work zoom meeting at 0700 Thursday 5th of May.

All members on or off duty should attend so they can have their say. If you are on duty attend and participate unless you are given a 1A, 1B, 1C, or 2I. Zoom link to be sent out via text.

To get around our bans, NSWA has been bulk upgrading R3s to 2Is. In response, we are pausing the R3 bans with a view to replacing them with something NSWA can’t cynically go around.