Survey: Professional pay fight during COVID and beyond

  • Published July 7, 2021
  • Industries

Survey here

Many members have contacted the ADHSU office with a range of views on the way forward for this year’s pay rise and the ongoing fight for professional pay. Some are pushing to continue with the aggressive stop work/industrial action approach (and defying any orders we are given). Others are calling for a pause in the fight to allow the health community to focus on COVID, at least until the current outbreak is brought under control.

On the one hand, it’s smart to keep the pressure on even during COVID (the Government got away with a pay freeze last year while we focused on the pandemic). On the other hand, patients need health workers’ full attention at the moment, and fighting now risks losing community support.

ADHSU members’ earlier action has already secured another meeting with the Health Minister/Treasurer (with a date to be set within a week after lockdown) on the subject of a road map to fully funded professional pay. This is good.

However, we risk losing momentum if we stop all activity and wait too long for a COVID-delayed meeting.

Please take a moment to respond to this survey seeking member views on the best way forward.