Tamworth Linen Update

Recently, the HSU was made aware of issues at Tamworth Linen Service around drivers’ rosters being delayed and production workloads increasing. There were a number of contributing factors, such as vacant positions and the installation of the new dryers being delayed due to COVID restrictions.

During a meeting with HealthShare last week, management advised that recruitment was occurring, with interviews set up to address the staffing issues. Management also advised that drivers continue to be updated regarding their rosters.

The HSU has been meeting weekly with HealthShare management as part of the service recovery plan to return Tamworth Linen to ‘business as usual’. Part of the request is that HealthShare write to the HSU to provide updates on service recovery.

The HSU has now received further correspondence form HealthShare Linen regarding the recovery plan, which you can read at this link.

The HSU will continue to work with HealthShare Linen to improve conditions for members. As always, we encourage members to provide feedback and comments via email [E-Mail not displayed].

It appears that the measures being implemented are having a positive effect on the current workload situation, which in turn is allowing drivers to leave earlier in the day. We are stronger together.

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