Tweed Hospital Emergency Department Petition: Response received

Recently HSU members showed support by signing a petition calling on management to address ongoing concerns staff safety in the Tweed Hospital Emergency Department.

This petition included three demands for management to take action to show that they acknowledge the issues and would take steps to address them. These actions were:

  1. That the current disciplinary investigation involving an HSU member be referred to an external investigator due to lack of trust in the process.
  2. That VPM training will be provided to security staff who are required to have it by the end of year.
  3. That an investigation into the Tweed Hospitals compliance with the Protecting People and Property Policy be undertaken.

A response to this petition was received yesterday. A summary of management’s response to each item is below:

  1. They did not agree to refer the matter to an external investigator due to their belief the lack of trust felt by members was not significant enough to justify that decision.
  2. They did agree to provide VPM training to security staff ‘over the coming months’.
  3. They did agree that a review of their compliance with Protecting People and Property Policy, specifically around code blacks, will occur.

Although not all the requests have been met, these are first the steps management have taken in years to address the security issues at Tweed Hospital. This has only happened because HSU members took action!

An emergency meeting of the Tweed Hospital Sub Branch will be organised this week to discuss management’s response and what next steps members want to take.