Tweed Valley Hospital Plans

After placing the NNSWLHD into dispute for failing to genuinely consult on the new Tweed Valley Hospital project, the HSU has finally received the schematic plans for the proposed 340-bed facility under construction at Cudgen.

The HSU has continuously called for genuine consultation to occur and we can now provide you the plans on a floor-by-floor basis. You can view the plans at this link (zipped folder).

The HSU has called for monthly consultative meetings with members to begin January 2022. Your sub branch representatives will participate in the meetings as well as HSU officials. The Union will be advocating strongly for your concerns to be discussed and addressed.

We have already raised concerns about the lack of staff amenities on the basement level Following feedback from members, we have called on NNSWLHD to construct staff-only amenities on every other floor to make up for this.

We are now seeking your feedback on the plans so that we can raise any issues with management. Please email your feedback to [E-Mail not displayed]

The HSU will provide members with regular updates from January 2022. Please encourage your colleagues to join the HSU so they too can have their voices heard.  New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.