Union win! NNSWLHD scraps flawed restructure after HSU members push back

Thanks to HSU members’ strength in numbers and solidarity, NNSWLHD has backed down on its unpopular Business and Finance Restructure. This is what happens when union members make their voices heard!

NNSWLHD have announced the scrapping of the proposed third stage of the Business and Finance Restructure – which would have impacted hundreds of HSU members across the entire region – after members voiced their dissatisfaction with the proposal.

On Friday, NNSWLHD wrote to HSU to announce it was formally withdrawing plans to implement the proposed changes, following staff feedback.

“During the initial consultation phase, we received a significant level of feedback from those staff directly affected by the proposed changes, as well as from clinical teams and key stakeholders,” Northern NSW Local Health District Chief Executive Tracey Maisey said in her letter to the HSU.

“The feedback demonstrated that the proposed restructure was unlikely to achieve the stated benefits, and therefore we will not be progressing.”

NNSWLHD will now consider how it can improve administration support for clinical teams and administration.

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