Update on meeting with government re offer of a process

  • Published December 1, 2023
  • Industries

Members at yesterday’s all-member meeting voted overwhelmingly to reject the government’s recent offer of a process to resolve the ongoing dispute over professional recognition.

In a crucial meeting held today between the government and ADHSU delegates, it was made clear that our membership had rejected the offer of private arbitration. The delegates reiterated that the only acceptable resolution for ending the registration boycott is to offer members pay parity with those in Queensland, at the very least.

Unfortunately, today’s meeting did not include the actual decision-makers – the Premier and Treasurer. This absence is unacceptable. Delegates are now demanding a meeting with Mr. Minns and Mr. Mookhey by next Friday. It is essential they hear firsthand how resolute ADHSU members are in this fight.

Keep up the great fight. More than 1900 paramedics have pledged to boycott registration this year. The government is running out of moves and will soon have to honour its election promise.