Update on Red Cross Lifeblood EBA Negotiations

The Lifeblood EBA was before the Fair Work Commission on Wednesday for further directions prior to approval.

Late last year, concerns were raised by Union representatives regarding insufficient certainty of preserved salary increases in Appendix 6 in circumstances where they were lower than the classifications contained in Clause 10. The intention of the parties during negotiation (which was not disputed by the Employer) is the greater of either Clause 10 or Appendix 6 applies for employees on existing Lifeblood agreements prior to the commencement of the new agreement.

The Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission invited the Employer to submit undertakings to the Agreement to clarify this point.

The Employer provided extensive undertakings, which prompted concerns from the Union parties to the Agreement that the undertakings amounted to a substantial change to the Agreement.

The Deputy President expressed an initial view she would not be of a mind to accept the agreement with the undertakings provided by the Employer.

Today, orders were made for the Employer to provide revised undertakings by close of business 24 January 2022, after which representatives will be invited to submit further submissions.

After these submissions are received, the Deputy President has indicated she will determine the next steps in either approving or rejecting the application in early February 2022.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the HSU via email [E-Mail not displayed].