Update on the fight for extra resources, this year's increase, and paramedic professional pay

  • Published May 10, 2022
  • Industries

ADHSU members have had three main, strategic fights for the past little while.

One, to do something about extreme work intensity and unacceptable response times, by achieving at least 2500 extra paramedics (plus management, control, educators, and support staff) in this year’s NSW Budget.

Two, fight with the rest of the public sector union movement for a decent pay increase this year – even if the law says it can’t be above 2.5%, it needs to significantly exceed that.

And three, for paramedics, including paramedic managers and executives, to be the first state to professionalise paramedic pay while lifting the current clinical ceiling.

Last year, members took very aggressive industrial action that not only led to a public sector-wide pay increase but put the fight for extra resources front and centre. It also turbocharged the conversation about paramedic professional wages.

ADHSU delegates are now in regular meetings with government about paramedic professional scope and pay, how it looks, and how it might be implemented.

See below for the NSW Government’s recent response to ADHSU’s activities including the mild ‘nuisance bans’ that are currently in place (published in the Daily Telegraph).

Keep up the great fight.