Urgent Westmead Parking Update

Despite undertakings from LHD executives at a meeting with HSU delegates on February 6, it appears that members have already started to have parking fees deducted.

The undertakings given by LHD executives were:

  • HSU members wouldn’t have deductions applied until the pay day of February 29
  • There would be NO backdated deductions.

It appears that the District has failed on these commitments.

So, what do you need to do?

  1. Check your pay slip – HSU classifications in this cycle typically fall into the pay period ending February 25, with a pay day on February 28/29. It appears that the District has forgotten that some HSU members fall into the period ending February 18, with a pay day on February 21/22. The HSU does NOT consider this selective amnesia to be a good enough excuse to begin deducting parking.
  2. Make sure you haven’t had your deduction yet – Members whose last pay was on February 15 should NOT have had money taken out of their pay at all. Despite this, multiple members have a charge of $27.20 showing on their pay slip. This is blatantly in breach of the Ministry of Health directive.
  3. Make sure you’re not being overcharged – The HSU is already aware of multiple cases where part-time employees have been charged the full $54.40, despite them being part time. This is another blatant breach of their own policy.
  4. Get in touch – If your deductions have already begun, get in touch with the Union office. The HSU has requested that until the District can sort its systems for payroll deductions out, all deductions cease immediately.

WSLHD needs to act now and correct this error.

In any case, these fees are unfair and simply too high for health workers to afford. It’s more important than ever to make our voices heard. There will be a parking Day of Action outside K Block on February 29 at 12pm - make sure you and your colleagues attend. There will also be a BBQ for hungry members taking action.