Vote on banning cross sector shift movements

  • Published November 9, 2021
  • Industries


Metro ADHSU Members have reported that there’s been an unacceptable increase in staff movements across Sydney and Central Coast with the introduction of a divisional based deployment model known NSWA is calling PAR (Planned Ambulance Rosters).

In the previous fortnight, at its worst, this has resulted in 26 separate staff movements across Sydney in a single 12-hour shift. This is increasing fatigue and end of shift overtime whilst reducing access to crib breaks for affected paramedics. This deployment model also leaves areas uncovered until paramedics from across Sydney and the Central Coast can be teamed up, potentially leading to poor patient outcomes.

ADHSU has met with Ambulance on two occasions to discuss the real implications of this deployment model on paramedics, DOMs, and Control staff and managers. NSWA have been unwilling to see any issues with this model.

As a result, ADHSU members should vote on whether they support the below industrial action in relation to cross sector movements:

  • No ADHSU member will be deployed for the shift across a sector boundary (or between North Sydney and Central Coast). This ban will not be applied to fluid deployment.

Metro ADHSU acknowledges that the Central Coast is separate deployment area to North Sydney, as they are geographically isolated. This is in line with previous agreed positions.



The voting will remain open to 0700 Friday morning (12 Nov). Once the vote is complete, and a majority secured, bans will commence 17:45 Friday 12 November.