We are sending a message to the Premier

  • Published January 25, 2023
  • Industries

Following the pressure generated by a surge in our Priority 1 campaign and increasing our chalking messages on ambulances, Mr. Perrottet agreed to meet our delegates and instigated the implementation of the Paramedic Professional Recognition taskforce.

The HSU has made several approaches to the Premier following the conclusion of consultation with the Ministry and the Ambulance service. However, at this time we are yet to receive advice as to the way forward.

ADHSU statewide delegates have endorsed the ramping up of our chalking campaign and use ambulances as billboards to send Mr. Perrottet a public message that he can't continue to ignore.

The delegates have developed endorsed messages that can be written in liquid chalk on ambulances. These messages can be found here. Continue to let Mr. Perrottet and the public know the importance of Paramedics in our health system, so get chalking!

This public discussion on Paramedic Professional Recognition needs to be supported by debate in Parliament. The best way to get this debate to the floor of the house is to have a publicly supported petition. NSW rules state that the petition must be a paper petition with 10,000 signatures to initiate a debate (electronic or online petitions are not accepted in NSW).

Our petition is well underway. ADHSU statewide delegates will be collecting more signatures at Wynyard and Martin Place train stations between 8am and 9am on 2nd of February. Please join them at the George St entrance to Wynyard or in Martin Place to collect signatures.

It is important that, as union members, you take part in the campaign. If you can’t make it there, download a copy of the petition here and collect signatures locally. The process for returning the petition is on the printout.

We will have fifty delegates at the HSU office on the 1st and 2nd of February where the next steps will be developed and endorsed.

Join the Priority 1 campaign and send your message.